A special thank you from Linklicious

Ok guys, many of you have been with us since the beginning and have lived through those early growing pains. We really couldn't have built such a great service without you and our collective SERPs are so much better for it.

We want to give a sincere thank you for your dedication to the service.

Starting Tuesday we are going to begin sending out coupon codes to subscribers for credit at our sister service www.OneHourBacklinks.com. If you are a basic subscriber your coupon will give you credit equal to $14.50 off of any sized order. If you are a pro user, your discount will be $54.50. These coupons will be sent two weeks after you are billed and will be good until the next time your account is charged. If you are a free user, now is the perfect time to upgrade. :)

We plan on leaving this perk in place forever or until backlinks stop working, whichever is sooner. As always, if you have a question just shoot it this way.


BTW - I haven't forgot about the other case study I promised you. Hopefully it'll be ready to send out next week.