A post-Panda ranking best practice guide

We've been lucky enough to come across another SEO who tests just as heavily as we do. Even better, OneHourBacklinks.com is a central component in his case studies and eBooks.

Video Bazooka
Offline Video Bazooka Explosion (hah!)
Funny name, but serious results. This ebook outlines how to rank a video in only 15 minutes using $15 of OneHourBacklinks.com comments. Check out the info on the link for case studies and even a start to finish ranking video. Having seen the orders come through, I can confirm that HUNDREDS of people have used this technique with success. Man, I wish I would have come up with this idea myself. :)
Plumber Wordpress Madness
Today, Jerome released another detailed guide covering how to properly build and then rank a WordPress site, owning page 1 for your local terms with as many as 8 results and maps in his case studies! (It uses OneHourBacklinks.com links, of course!) It comes with multiple case studies showing the exact steps needed to go from idea to page 1 in as little as a couple of days. Even better, in one of his tests he actually builds links to a typoed term and still ranks for the correct one. Awesome! This new ebook is called Wordpress Madness.

We're all about giving out good information no matter where it comes from, and I'm excited to share with you guys these two proven methods that work now. The fact that they highlight the effectiveness of our service helped us actually notice them and want to share them with you. No BS, no hype, just a proven approach.

Here's to crushing the SERPs...