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Guaranteed Indexing

We tested and retested indexing strategies for over a year and developed a recipe for getting Google, AHREFs, and Majestic to not only crawl but to also index your links. If you need proof and want to see results, we're the ONLY crawling and indexing service to offer this capability. Read about the details in our FAQ.

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Google finds less than 5% of all the links you buy and build. If Google doesn't find them, your rankings won't go up. So stop wasting money building links that never help your rankings improve. Make ALL of your link building count and submit them through Linklicious to watch your rankings climb.

Most Effective Service

We were the first to develop a crawling and indexing service, and we continue to push the envelope through constant testing. We proved back in 2010 that RSS feeds actually hurt rankings, and are the only service that allows you to keep your links in the system for longer than 14 days. Think Google notices when your links disappear from other services? Of course!

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