Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes we do! We actually have one of the best affiliate programs in the industry: monthly recurring commissions starting at 25% and increased based on performance.

You can sign up here, and start earning money immediately!

Why use Linklicious? What's the point?

Linklicious getting crawls on all your links is a really simple concept that many SEOs don't fully understand. Let's walk through an example so it becomes clear...

Say you build 1000 links to your site. 800 of them are on a new page (forum profiles, social bookmarks, articles) and 200 of them are on existing pages (image and blog comments). Google already knows about 100 of the 200 pages that already exist. That means that of your 1000 links, Google potentially only knows about 100 of them. (And if your link scrolls off the page before Google crawls, it'll miss them)

So what happens with the other 900 links??

The short answer is depending on the quality of the links, Google (and AHREFs and Majestic) will find some percentage of them "naturally". This "natural" crawl could be as low as 5%, so your new links would never be found. In other words, over 80% of the links you build/bought are never found by Google.

If Google doesn't know about your links, they don't do you any good. And of course your ranking doesn't go up.

Linklicious follows and tracks all of your links so that 100% of them get counted by Google. No more wasted money building invisible links means money saved and in your pocket for more important things.

Simple, but amazingly effective!

How does Linklicious actually work?

When you submit the backlinks that you build to Linklicious, we drip them out to the three main crawlers - Google, Majestic, and AHREFs - on a schedule that you define. (If Google finds your links too fast, you can get penalized/sandboxed!)

The crawlers then crawl the links, adding them to the appropriate database (crawled, indexed, image, cached, etc).

We track crawls by Google, and will continually notify them about your links until they visit. Note: Free accounts only get a sample/portion of this functionality, and we do not guarantee complete crawls or indexing by the three services.

Starting in late 2012 we began experimenting with methods of getting improved indexing and discovered a unique approach that gives amazing results. Without giving away our "secret sauce", let's just say it's a simple concept that demands a very scalable server architecture.

So with that knowledge, we rewrote Linklicious to be in the cloud with Microsoft Azure cloud hosting. This gives us virtually unlimited scalability and power. So by combining our new indexing technique with their scalability, we can now get great results across all three major services.

What exactly is the indexing guarantee?

When we submit your links to the search engines (Google, Majestic, and AHREFs), we also have a little "cloud" magic we use that not only tells the search engines to find your links, but to help them understand your link is valuable.

We guarantee that our service will improve your indexing rate at these services or your money back.

Of course we have to put in a couple of simple guidelines here for the guarantee. After all, we need to be able to show the service kicking butt for you!

  • Note the backlink count at AHREFs Site Explorer, Majestic and Google for your domain.
  • Build your links.
  • Run a link checker of your new links. (We find that as many as 2/3 of all link reports given by vendors won't contain your link)
  • Submit your links through Linklicious. Be sure to set the drip rate appropriately.
  • At the end of the first and second week, note your backlink counts. BAM! RESULTS!

In all of our tests we've seen massive indexing increases at the one and two week marks when using our service. Of course if you're building ultra-low quality links, the engines are smart enough to skip most of them. Even our magic can't help those out. :)

Anyway, if after tracking your results you find it's not working for you, just send us your test info and we'll be happy to give you your money back. But we know that's not going to happen!

How do the free backlinks from work?

Paying subscribers to Linklicious get a OneHourBacklinks coupon emailed two weeks after their Linklicious account is billed. This coupon is valid for use on any single order and is valid for two weeks. The amount of the coupon is equal to the price of the Linklicious account. So FREE links!

Why aren't my links going live?

If you are using a Free account, we place each link along side other free customers links and ping the listing of links. When the links are crawled we list the time that happened. But we don't continually reping uncrawled links like the Basic and Pro accounts.

Another reason links don't show a "Pinged On" date is because they haven't been scheduled to ping yet. We drip your links out evenly throughout the day so not to overwhelm the search engines with your backlinks coming in all at once.

My live links aren't showing as being crawled. What's up?

Nothing is wrong! Sometimes the crawlers come instantly and sometimes they take hours. On rare occassions it may take a few days. But the good news is we track the crawls and re-ping daily until they come and find your links. So kick back and relax and let us do the hard work!

How does scheduling work?

It is very dangerous to build a large amount of links to your site at once, and if you do you run a big risk of hitting the Google Sandbox. To help maximize results and minimize the chance of getting dinged by Google, we allow you to specify exactly how fast Google learns about your links. You can set up links to drip out 10 links a day or 1000 -you have total flexibility. We default it to a low and safe value.

Note that every time you submit new links, they drip out at the same time as the previous submissions. So if you add 100 links one day and 200 links the next day, they'll both be dripping out links every day.

What type of links is this service meant for?

This service will work on any and all links. If you want Google/Majestic/AHREFs to find your links just add them in and let us do the rest!

How long will my links last?

For Free, Basic and Pro accounts, we typically clean them up every month or two.

If you're using a Basic/Pro account, we'll never delete an uncrawled link!

Why aren't my API links showing up?

First, if you have successfully added your API key then we know it is valid. We check that the API key is correct when you fill the form out. After your API profile is set up, it can take up to 36 hours for the links to start showing up in your account. We run the process once a day and pull those links in from our API partners then. The links will only be for the previous day’s link building activities, so anything built before will need to be added manually.

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